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Adaptation Index or Adequacy Index (AI)/Programmatic Index (PI) FM
A comparative inter/intra sector metric/benchmark expressed a value from 0.0 to 1.0 that indicate the program/mission-based condition of a facility. AI is calculated by dividing the total value of deferred physical
programmatic/adaptive requirements (PR) by the current replacement value (CRV) (i.e., AI=PR/CRV). Program-based or programmatic requirements are facilities-specific needs that are established to meet the
mission of the facility or organization, inclusive of evolving technological, programmatic or regulatory demands.
Taking an educational science laboratory as an example, while an existing lab may have zero physical deficiencies the configuration and equipment (fume hoods, lighting, computer networks, etc.) may not be suitable for current teaching methods. All of the physical, program-related needs therefore have a cost to remedy and are considered as programmatic deficiencies. Similar to physical deferred maintenance, deferred programmatic requirements are those current needs that are not funded in the present fiscal year. Additionally, the facilities-specific programmatic requirements may include items such as space, configuration, adjacency,
security, etc.