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Capital Asset Management
The identification and prioritization of facility and infrastructure physical, functional, and budgetary needs,
spanning a multi-year timeframe. Also includes the process of reinvesting funds into physical assets in support of the organizational mission, above and beyond normal routine operations and maintenance. Capital (Major) Maintenance/Repairs
Previous or future repairs or replacement, paid from the capital funds budget and not funded by normal maintenance resources received in the annual operating budget cycle.
• Repairs - work to restore damaged or worn-out assets/systems/components (e.g., large scale roof
replacement after a wind storm) to normal operating condition.

• Replacement - an exchange of one fixed asset for another (e.g., replacing a transformer that blows up and shuts down numerous buildings) that has the same capacity to perform the same function. Minimum dollar threshold levels for capital renewal are set by the building owners/manager, however typically in excess of $5,000 or $10,000.