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Sustainability helps facilities and real estate professionals bring environmental and financial impacts into balance. Managing critical information on energy performance or water usage, and sustainability projects like energy retrofits is a part of “Going green” which many organizations are moving towards, especially with LEED growing rapidly. CAFM gives the ability to assess projects in a glance, and built-in certification standards for numerous programs to help plot your own green course while running cost analysis reports for the sustainability projects, or see which buildings are affected and which ones to target next.
Analyze building environmental impacts (energy, water, greenhouse gas emissions, recycling, waste and others)
Integrate with EPA’s Automated Benchmarking System to calculate buildings’ Energy Star ratings, carbon footprint and more
Forecast sustainability projects’ financial impacts (net present value, internal rate of return, ROI, payback period) and environmental impacts
Manage building assessments and certifications using rating systems like LEED, Green Globes
Engage occupants and management with enterprise access to sustainability information