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VDMA for "Association of German machine and plant engineering"The "VDMA unit leaves" here give clues for the proper maintenance and repair of technical equipment. Here, we speak often of "Maintenance for VDMA".The new edition of VDMA describes the main features of the inspection of technical installations and equipment in buildings 24176 "inspection of technical installations and equipment in buildings" as a mainly engineering service. The inspection is the detection and assessment of actual. Their goal is the collection and assessment of data on the current state of the respective technical building system and equipment. The assessment includes down with recommendations which measures amending and optimization should be taken. The determined characteristic values give hints about how a modified mode changed the investment behaviour. The unit page is aimed in particular at operators of technical installations and equipment in buildings, as well as on the maintenance and the plant construction company.

The review and revision of VDMA 24186-0 "range for the maintenance of technical installations and equipment in buildings - part 0: Overview and structure, numbering system, general application notes" was made on the basis of DIN published in June 2003 31051 "basics of maintenance" and with the aim of a better distinction between maintenance and inspection. VDMA 24186-0 provides basic guidance to the implementation and to the application of the existing nine parts unit sheet series detailed performance programs for the maintenance of instruments and equipment of the technical building equipment (TGA).