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VDMA 24196
VDMA 24196 transferred to DIN 32736

With the VDMA 24196 "Gebäudemanagement - terms and Leistungen" the Association has drawn up maintenance of building systems (AIG) in the VDMA in 1996 a directive to the building management and edited. " The goal to unify terms used up to that time with different content, and to describe the associated services, was achieved. VDMA 24196 has established itself successfully on the market and is a recognized standard in the industry.

DIN 32736 under the same name was published in August 2000. Basis of the new DIN is the well-known VDMA 24196, which is found in its essential parts.

Building management divided continue in the three areas of performance technical building management (TGM), infrastructural building management (IGM), and commercial property management (KGM). Area-related services can be included in all three areas of performance, the "Flächenmanagement (FLM) became " as a supplement taking into account. "

With the publication of the DIN 32736, the VDMA 24196 is withdrawn.

The explanatory supplement is parallel to the DIN 32736 juxtaposition of Leistungen 1 "Gebäudemanagement - terms and services" released. " It establishes inter alia a link between building management, the second calculation Regulation (II. BV) and DIN 18960 (use the building construction costs). The enclosed sheet helps to correctly map the different services and resulting costs and thereby ensures more transparency in the operating expenses for landlords and tenants.